The Next Generation of Sustainability is Regeneration

EcoOasis develops Regenerative Neighborhoods in Costa Rica, a country renowned for its natural beauty and commitment to renewable energy and conservation. Our current five (5) homestead Neighborhood is located in Platanillo de Barú, Costa Rica. We are 15 minutes up-mountain from the surfside town of Dominical and 30 minutes from San Isidro de General, Costa Rica’s second largest city and unofficial capital of the South Pacific Zone – all on safe, paved roads. Platanillo is an ideally located community that has a history of success with expatriates and locals, combining proximity to the coast but at an altitude that is suitable to Outdoor Living, Growing and Thriving.

Utilizing a Permaculture Design Philosophy, our Turn-key Sustainable Homesteads of >1 hectare (>2.5 acres) include:

  • greenhouse
  • chicken coop
  • small-scale aquaculture pond
  • contour vegetable and perennial garden
  • fruit tree forest
  • tropical landscaping, and more!

Our Modern Eco-Tropical Home and Pool emphasizes Outdoor Living, has 3 bedrooms/2 baths, with 1300 ft2/120 m2 of indoor living space and 400 ft2/37 m2 of covered outdoor living space that maximizes small-footprint living and minimizes maintenance. Features include:

  • 15 ft high local sustainable tropical wood beam ceilings
  • white roof with cupola for passive cooling
  • entire-wall sliding glass pocket door  to the Outdoor Living space and onto the eco-Pool
  • locally-sourced gravity-fed spring water
  • whole-house water filtration system
  • rainwater catchment
  • solar grid-tie
  • as well as modern kitchens and bathrooms and so much more!

And each Homestead has Ocean/Sunset and Jungle views, with Valley and Mountain views available to all neighbors via a Neighborhood Trail System!

And yes, we will train you on how the systems all work (it’s permaculture so it all works with Nature) and recommend EcoOasis-trained local talent for ongoing assistance!

The move to Regenerative Living has never been easier!  Homesteads start at just $349,000 USD; some upgrades are available depending when you buy in during the construction phase. We have pre-sold two of the five Homesteads! Only three remaining Homesteads are available for purchase.  Reserve your Homestead now and experience Pura Vida for yourself!


Regenerative Living Features

EcoOasis Designs for Abundance and uses a mix of old-world knowledge and modern improvements to sustainable practices to create all of the essentials for a comfortable, efficient, and regenerative lifestyle.  Some of these Features include:
Renewable Energy

The most popular current trend in renewable energy is Solar Grid Tie. This system uses solar panels to generate energy from the sun and feeds that energy directly to the grid tied meter at each home. Anytime the sun is out the meter is running backwards reducing your electric bill. Beyond the huge financial benefits, we will be helping the Planet in countless ways and helping Costa Rica to meet its goal to be the first Carbon Neutral Country in the world!


We have combined the best practices of tropical home building using resilient materials and passive cooling to create a design that is both functional and beautiful.  This includes the use of locally available materials, renewable resources, materials that have good longevity in a tropical climate, energy efficient appliances, and so on.


Permaculture, a word meaning “permanent agriculture”, will be the design philosophy for this development. We design for abundance, and each homestead will receive its own specific permaculture design as part of the collective Regenerative Neighborhood. Each homestead will include a fruit forest, perennial gardens, greenhouse, chicken coop, edible landscaping, worm bins, and a fish pond. Landscaping throughout the community will not only offer beauty and food, but will have many benefits such as attracting pollinating insects, butterflies, etc.


Obtaining and retaining water within the eco-system, and using it effectively is a primary concern for resiliency and self-sufficiency.  Each Homestead will receive its own custom water management systems which include:

  • Water filtration systems
  • Roof water catchment systems
  • Irrigation systems