By their Fruits You Shall Know Them!

BioCharisma, created by Christopher Gardner, a Zona Sur Natural Living Engineer, promotes Health, From the Ground Up.

This week, BioCharisma‘s Christopher Gardner and EcoOasis’ Brendon McKeon got together to share about moving to Costa Rica, worldviews, Permaculture and Regenerative Design Principles, EcoOasis and about some of the cool regenerative technologies of BioCharisma.

From BioCharisma:  “Turn Key Permaculture is an innovative design principle that is being implemented by EcoOasis founder Brendon McKeon. The idea is that people can buy their tropical paradise with a well planned food forest already in place.

Everything Brendon touches impresses me because he does not compromise and is also the consummate learner. Ever improving his agricultural know how his projects map a steady evolution towards Food Sovereignty.”

Enjoy the Interview!