Amazing Costa Rica Waterfall Tour

May 17th, 2016|Categories: Cool Findings, Community Highlights, Costa Rica, Adventure and Fun|Tags: |0 Comments

One of the main goals of EcoOasis is to live a JOYful life. When we enjoy our lives each and every day it helps us to be more present in the moment. The more present we are, the more chance there is that we will naturally want to take care of the earth and all beings around us….it is a positive choice for ALL. Getting outside, interacting with nature and creating adventure are all things that bring us more into presence. We are so fortunate to have so much beauty and adventure in our own backyard here in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. There are beaches, waterfalls, jungles, mountains, caves, canyons, underwater worlds and so much more. We hope you enjoy today’s video and feel inspired to get outside and explore your world.

When the EcoOasis team gets together we are always looking for new and exciting places to inspire […]